Blindspot is a new initiative that is wholly focused on the production of independent safety alerts for the electricity industry. We see informative safety alerts as being vital to the effective management of operational risks and an essential driver of effective asset management. Issues are rarely unique, and by addressing common issues in an open and collaborative manner, we can share perspectives, experiences and develop industry wide solutions. Blindspot was developed and is administered by Energyedge Limited.







Our alerts are clear, controlled and independent. They provide further information to enable you and your team to assess, control and manage the risks that affect your company. Blindspot facilitates a mechanism and a forum for Networks, Suppliers and Manufacturers (as PCBU's) to close-off product and operational issues in an open, independent way. Networks and contractors can signal and share sensitive issues to the industry, then take the necessary practicable steps to help fulfil the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act. The Blindspot initiative also allows suppliers, manufacturers and their sales teams to report the issues they become aware of without being conflicted.

Fundamentally: Blindspot is driven by the Code of Ethical Conduct of Engineering New Zealand (formally IPENZ) and is guided by Governance Best Practice (IoD) to help improve Safety in the Electricity Industry